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General terms and conditions of business for the internet store

General terms and conditions of business describe common business cooperation between a buyer (the customer) and a seller (the supplier).

Information about the internet store

The internet store provides complete process from product offering with its current price, through its ordering, select of transport and payment method, according to the terms offered, to the delivery to the shipping adress selected by the customer.

Prices for the customer

Goods in the internet store are offered for price in Euros. Supplier can update prices in the store continuously.

The order - validity, conditions, cancellation

The customer is informed about all the prices of products, services and possible fees before saving the order. All information in the order is valid until its execution or cancellation. Facts of the case of the contractual business relationship between the customer and the supplier are fullfilled by saving the order by the customer. The customer agrees with the terms of trade and undertakes to take up delivered order by placing the order. The supplier reserves right to cancel the order. The customer is informed about the cancellation via email sent on email adress the customer filled in the order. In case the customer does not receive an information about the order acceptance within a maximum of 10 working days (depending on selected payment method), the order is considered canceled. In case the customer chooses to pay via eBank payment gateway (if it is offered), while the supplier does not receive information about payment from the bank within 4 hours from the ordering, the order is cancelled.

Delivery of goods

Goods are delivered by carrier or supplier to the shipping address specified by the customer in the order. Delivery is delivered by the deliverer Česká pošta s.p. The customer is obliged to check the factual content of the shipment hereafter. Differences of the content of the shipment against the order must be immediately reported to the email address of the supplier listed in Contacts.

Traffic and packaging fees

Fees for packaging and traffic according to the chosen area are added to the order. The customer is refered to this sum during the order making.


The customer receives an invoice and delivery note to each delivery of goods. The invoice contains all the elements that it might be seen as a tax document. The designation of the delivered goods and their quantity is stated in the delivery note. If the customer does not receive the documents during taking goods from the carrier, these documents are sent by the supplier to the customer's address additionally.

Payment of invoices

Invoice payment for the order is dependent on the payment method selected when ordering: eBanka - the customer pays via electronic payment gateway, order is shipped after confirmation of payment sent by the bank. eBanka, through which electronic payment is realized, is not responsible for delivery defects and is not in other respects involved in the relationship between the customer and supplier.

Transfer to the account - the customer pays stated sum by the transfer to the supplier's account on the basis of the proforma invoice with agreed-upon maturity sent to the customer. The date of payment - payment of invoice is the date the payment is credited to the account of the supplier.

Return of the goods

If the delivered goods do not accord with the order, the customer is entitled o send back complete and undamaged goods, including copies of purchase documents (purchase invoice and delivery note). If goods are not returned in time or are returned damaged, the supplier reserves the right not to accept them or charge incurred expenses.


It is possible to claim goods ordered through the online store only. Goods may be claimed within 5 days after receiving. The customer is obliged to deliver claimed goods at his own expense to the address of the supplier. The maximum term of the complaint handling is 30 calendar days from complaint receiving.

Privacy policy

Customer data filled in the order serves to handle the business case through the online store. The supplier undertakes to maintain the privacy of customer data acquired through the online store.

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